Best Mobile Shopping Guide – A comprehensive guide to buying a cell phone and mobile phone – mobile buying guide

mobile buying guide , simple and complete guide is written for you to choose best cell phone In this article. It is a good idea to read this article before buying a mobile phone so that you may be able to choose the best mobile phone with your budget.

what should you know when buying a modem

Quick guide based on usage

If filming and photography are more important to you, buy dual-camera phones with at least 32GB of memory.

If you only care about phone calls and communications, avoid buying modern phones to save money.

If you are often away from home or charger, choose smaller screens to make your battery last longer.

If you read a lot with a mobile phone or watch a movie. Or you use cell phone a lot. Focus more on the large screen and type c, usb 3.1 ss ports .

Best Mobile Shopping Guide - A comprehensive guide to buying a cell phone and mobile phone

How to choose the best one from several phones.

First, make a list of the priorities and features you need. Start your list with the vital ones and then deal with the ones that aren’t vital but are considered points for you. For example, the screen should be large. Or the camera must be sharp or…. then try to consider score points for these options. Then when you check mobile phones, you can rate them, and compare them by their scores.

operating system

There are now two major operating systems for cell phones in the world. Android and iOS each have their own unique features and capabilities.

Android gives you more choices in terms of price and variety. and, you will have more personalization options. Google fully supports this operating system. So it is easier to use services such as gmail, google map and google assistant in this operating system.

On the other hand, iOS has more security. The quality of the App Store and its applications is a bit better. And you have more choices in accessories.

Other operating systems include BlackBerry and Windows Phone, and recently the new pop operating system.

mobile buying guide : hardware specs

There are some cool features in the modern world, such as fingerprint detection or sound detection, that sellers can use to get make you buy their cell phones. Especially if you don’t know the hardware properly they cant trick you easily . That’s why in this section we will briefly introduce the important hardwares for you to pay attention to when buying.


There are many phones whose glass screen is stretched to the edges of the mobile. Despite their beauty, these mobile phones dont have high resistance. If beauty is of little importance to you, get a mobile phone that has frame at the edges and brinks. Also, when buying a mobile phone, put it in your hand and check if the location of the volume and home buttons easy to use and it fits with the size of your hand .


You are supposed to look at the screen of this phone for a long time. So we suggest you buy a mobile phone with a large screen and a resolution of at least hd. That is, any resolution above 1080. Oled screens display darker colors better than lcd, which means better contrast. Samsung’s Galaxy phones and Apple’s iPhone x are all amoled. Which have the best screen quality( by 2020). But these phones require a lot of money to buy.

Best Mobile Shopping Guide - A comprehensive guide to buying a cell phone and mobile phone

Processor and RAM:

Today, the processor is very important in mobile phones. The better the processor, the more you will be able to run youre apps in parallel, and the better is the battery life. (For example, listening to music and downloading and chatting at the same time without draining too much battery and frequent hangings, etc.)

How much RAM you need depends on your purpose for working with a mobile phone. But we recommend at least 4 GB for Android phones. Apple phones don’t need a lot of RAM because they have strong memory management.


Megapixel means how many million pixels (small square of colors that shape a photo) is contained in youre photo .Contrary to popular belief, larger number of megapixel,doesnt mean better camera . That’s why you should never be fooled by high megapixel numbers. Before buying a mobile phone, read the comments of buyers about the camera.

Today, new mobile phones camera has several lenses and two cameras on the back . So if photography and video recording are important to you, be sure to buy dual-camera phones.


The larger the mobile screen, the higher the resolution,but also it means the faster the battery will be drained. So be sure to try to find a balance between a larger screen and more durable battery.


Ports are divided into three categories, type a, type b, and type c. And provide data transfer or charging capability. Almost all phones are type c now. For higher speeds, try selecting USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 with SS(super speed).


Today, apps and games need a lot of memory, with the daily use of virtual networks without memory management, your mobile phone’s free capacity decreases day by day. As the quality of images and videos increases, the memory fills up faster. So consider to choose a good memory storage to be able to use as many apps you like  .

Never buy a very old phone & try not to rush to buy the latest phones

 New phones are usually very popular because they have new features and modern technology. But these features and high purchase demand make the price of these phones a little higher than their real value. So if you can wait until the new mobile phones lose their trend so their price decreases. Also, new phones may have some new software and hardware defects that will take at least a few weeks to fix. Examples include the explosion of the galaxy note 7 or the initial problems of the iphone x displays in the first weeks of release.

Best Mobile Shopping Guide - A comprehensive guide to buying a cell phone and mobile phone

As you can see in the picture. The Apple iPhone X 64GB was priced at around  1,000 in the early days, and has decreased to  800 in about three months.this means buy being patient for only 3 months you can save 200 So don’t rush to buy new phones.

Every day, more applications, games and services enter the market that require their own specific least hardware and operating system. Gradually, they make older and older phones more inefficient. Of course, if you do not need the services of modern applications. Or you just use your cell phone for communication. Older phones are the best option for you in terms of price.


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