10 Ancient artifacts that prove the existence of aliens – proof of aliens existence – aliens existence evidence documents of the existence aliens .

aliens existence evidence is gathered for you in a list of 10 ancient objects that can not be made by humans. Some people do not believe in aliens. But some believe in their presence and role in shaping history. There are 10 ancient artifacts that prove this belief.

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10 strange artifacts that prove the existence of aliens

10 -Coso

In 1965, two geologists were analyzing some rocks in the Americas. Among the stones obtained, was a stone with two magnetic blades inside it . those blades could produce electromagnetic voltage. Interestingly, these two blades date back to 5,000 BC. Something that could not exist at all in that period.

Some believe this is a technology that aliens have left on Earth. Others say it’s a remnant of time travelers.

10 Ancient objects that prove the existence of space and aliens and extraterrestrials

9- Roswell rock

A rock with a beautiful and strange design has been found in a uniform brown color and very soft surface in the Mexican Roswell area. The rock is said to have very strange and unknown magnetic powers. Interestingly, the design on the stone perfectly matches the circular designs that were engraved on the farms of England and attributed to the aliens .

It is said that the rock tells the time of an incident that happened. Or it will happen .Because the design on the stone is in the form of the moon and the sun. and moon and suns movements are the main factors to calculate time.

8- Ancient airplane

The surviving objects of the Inca civilization are strange and beautiful. But some golden objects are stranger than other Inca objects. some small golden statues that look like modern airplanes and jets. These statues had wings like a plane, and beneath them are two wheel-like appendages. Incas had not reached the technology to create airplanes.so these objects are attributed to aliens.on the Opponent side it is said that the objects look more like fish and birds than airplanes.

10 Ancient objects that prove the existence of space and aliens and extraterrestrials

7. alien skull

In the 7th place of the ancient artifacts that are aliens exist evidence , is the alien skull.  this skull has been found in Peru. The skull found does not match the human skull at all. The eyeballs are large and shallow, and the length of the skull is much longer than the human skull. Interestingly, actually the object was prove to be a skull of a living thing.

Another scary fact is that this is not the only strange skull found on Earth, and the largest number of these kind of skulls have been found in Peru.

6- The skeleton hand of an alien

Exactly where the skull of the space man was found. One hand was found with three long, narrow fingers. Which naturally does not match to any sample on earth. The X-ray shows that each finger has 6 bones, while the human fingers have only 3 bones.

It is claimed that these findings belong to aliens. on the opponent sides, however, skeptics believe that there are many unknown live species on Earth and this hand could belong to one of these species .

10 Ancient objects that prove the existence of space and aliens and extraterrestrials

5. Gosford glyphs

In fifth place of the ancient objects that are aliens exist evidence , is Gosford Glyphs. there are two 8-foot monuments with ancient Hieroglyph-like alphabets. They are said to date back to 4 and a half thousand years ago. The results of the decoding of glyph shows that, two brothers from Egypt came to this place. But there is a part of this writing that surprises cryptographers. It is shaped like a spaceship that emits light from below. The location of this shape shows that the two brothers emphasized it and it was important for them to express it.

4- Spaceship’s toothwheel

A Russian man tried to heat his house with charcoal, but noticed a metal object inside a coal. Scientific results show that this object contained 98% aluminum and 2% magnesium. The strange thing is that humans have not been able to use aluminum until 1800, while rock grafting is three and a half million years old. It is clear that the found toothwheel needed electricity and a microscope to be crafted. This is still confusing to scientists.

10 Ancient objects that prove the existence of space and aliens and extraterrestrials

3- The mysterious sphere of the betz

In 1974, the Betz family noticed a small fire near their property . they found out that the source of fire was a slightly soft metal sphere in the size of a bowling ball with a triangle engraved on it. When a family member played guitar at home, a strange sound came from the metal sphere. The sound was so loud that it hurt the ears of the betz dog. The metal sphere can also change direction, if you push it forward. After a while, it will be able to stop moving and move towards you or any other direction. At first, the family did not allow scientists to analyze this sphere. But when the situation in the house got out of control and they saw strange paranormal things like opening and closing the doors of the house. they allowed scientists to study and analyze the sphere. The result of the scientific inspection was that the metal sphere was quite ordinary. But the family believes that the metal sphere is controlled by something .

2. Brass bell

In second place of the ancient objects that are aliens exist evidence ,is the brass bell. In 1944, a 10-year-old boy brought a piece of coal home and when he crushed the coal, he noticed that there was a strange little bell inside it. Pieces of coal were 300 million years old. At that time, world was only residence of insects. Also, the structure of the bell was a combination of metals such as zinc, copper, arsenic, etc. Mankind certainly did not have the strength to work with these metals until the middle of ancient era. that proves the bell could never be human-made. At first, skeptics believed that the boy was lying because he had found the bell somewhere outside of the coal. But further research has shown that the bell was actually inside the coal. The brass bell is one of the greatest documents  and proof of aliens existence.

10 Ancient objects that prove the existence of space and aliens and extraterrestrials

1- wedge of Aiud

Construction officials found a collection of strange objects in a village called Aiud along the river. They found a collection of bones and an wedge-like object in 30-meters under surface. It is said that more than 80% of the wedge were made of aluminum. The wedge was made of more than 12 elements. What is rarely seen in human artifacts. As mentioned, the technology of working with aluminum was obtained in 1800, but the antiquity of these objects and bones dates back to 11,000 years ago. Alien believers say that this object is a piece of the alien UFO landing tools.


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