Top 100 Series in the History of tv – Best series tp watch best series in the History of Cinema The most famous series – the most popular series

best tv series to watch ,i n this article, we will show you the best series in the history of cinema in the form of a list of top 100 based on the number of fans, screenplays, rotten tomatoes , etc. we have good varity of series for every taste.

30 series like friends

The best tv series to watch – the top 100 series in history

1- The sopranos

The story of a mafia leader named soprano who talks to his psychologist about his life and career .

2- The wire

Detectives in Baltimore who are trying to find the link between small crimes and a drug trafficking band leaders

3- Breaking bad

Walter White notices cancer in his body. And he enters the world of drugs to pay off his medical debts

4- Mad men

It depicts the Donald Draper, a successful director who tries to manage both his life and career.

5- Seinfeld

The story is about a group of close friends who live daily life together and help each other to face life problems.

6- Friends

A group of 6 close friends who live together and stay together in life’s problems and consult with each other about it.

7- Simpsons

A series of animations that tell the strange and interesting things that happen to the Simpsons family.

8- The twilight zone

A collection of very strange events that happen to different people and they try to solve them in their own way.

9-Prison break

Michael Scofield tries to take his brother out from prison and prove his innocence.


Describes the tragic events of the Chernobyl accident.

11- Mr bean

Perhaps the most famous series on this list and does not need to be introduced.

12- game of thrones

Shows a collection of houses of an imaginary kingdom where All of them are fighting for the throne based on their own motivations.

13- West wing

It depicts US advisers and government officials to manage their personal lives in addition to the hard work of running the country.

14- watchmen

depicts a group of partisans in masks. from the police’s point of view, this group is a criminal band. Group members must decide whether to continue or abandon this task.

15- Twin peaks

An FBI agent travels to the remote town of Twin Peaks to investigate a high school murder case, but strange things happen during investigation.

16- Star trek original series

James T. Kirk is the commander of a spacecraft that fights evil forces while traveling in the galaxy.

17-Curb your enthusiasm

Is about the story of a TV writer who has misadventures that follows series of interesting consequences for him and his celebrity friends.

18- Lost

A plane crashes on a very strange island in an accident. Now the survivors must work together to survive. Until they realize they are not alone on the island.

19- The office

A group of employees suffer from a set of misfortunes. Now their boss is trying to keep their company and friendship going well .


Top 100 Series in History The best series in the history of cinema The most famous series in cinema - the most popular series in cinema

20- true detective

In the twentieth place of the best tv series to watch is true detective, while working , a group of detectives notice a series of dark secrets between themselves and the police and people around them.

21- Deadwood

People travel to deadwood and its mines to get rich. But in the Wild West many cant live much long to become rich due to a lack of law enforcement officers.

22- laurel and hardy

A famous series of two friends, one of whom is a quirky and the other is a little stupid.

23- supernatural

The story of this series tells the story of Sam and Dean Winchester. Their fate is tied to factors angels and demons and other supernatural beings.

24- Walking dead

Survivors of zombies break out must work together to survive this zombie armagedon.

25- The x files

Two officers from the police and the FBI are doing their best to solve a series of paranormal cases.

26- dexter

Dexter is a technician who works at the police station during the day. And in his spare time, he is entertained by killing thugs.

27- Freaks and geeks

A strange group of friends, consisting of geeks and freaks, is featured in the series.

28- All in the family

An elder high-tempered man named Archie Bunker experiences all the different lifestyles alongside his slightly stupid wife.

29- tom and jerry

One of the most famous classic animations that depicts a mouse and a cat that are always fighting each other.

30- Fargo

A series that shows lester nygaard. A person who lives a monotonous life with an not so interesting spouse until he meets someone who convinces him to hire a killer.

31- rick and morty

This very popular animation tells the interesting and strange stories of a slightly psycho scientist named Rick Sanchez and Morty.

32- peaky blinders

A series that tells the story of the rise to power of a mafia family called Shelby in England

33- spongebob

A very popular and classic animation that tells the story of a sponge that experiences new adventures every day.

34- South Park

It is one of the most popular comedy animation series in the United States. Which expresses the strange events and desires and hobbies of a group of high school boys.

35- 30rock

A writer of a television comedy series has to deal with the aggressive boss and wrong attitude of celebrities with the help of his friends.

36- My so called life

Angela is a teenage girl who enjoys the usual wrong hobbies of many teens. But apparently she is not satisfied with them.

37- Law and order

A collection of adventures of many sex cases that a police department is trying to solve in the United States.

38- Orange is the new black

The series shows how a violent environment like jail can turn a rational person into a violent person who never even thinks before action.

39- Six feet under

Before his death, Nathan gave his company to his two sons. But the two brothers and the whole family now have a lot of conflicts.

Top 100 Series in History The best series in the history of cinema The most famous series in cinema - the most popular series in cinema


In the 40th place in the best tv series to watch is cheers,which depicts people with different lifestyles see each other in Boston and talk about everyday events.

41-The shield

A commissioner intends to calm down his corrupt and tensed but efficient police officers and achieve his great goals.

42- American crime story

Depicts , evidences , details , and….. of the gratest crime cases of US.

43-war and peace

It takes the beautiful book War and Peace in to the series, which depicts Russia during the Napoleonic invasion.

44- pink panther

A very beautiful and classic pink leopard animation that shows the interesting stories and events of his life.


Many residents vanish in New York City. Now, in addition to solving this puzzle, the survivors are trying to rebuild their lives.

46- Columbo

The story shows the strange cases of Inspector Columbus.

47- The rockford files

A private detective is unjustly convicted of crime and must prove his innocence.


The story shows the events and collaborations of a group of taxi drivers who become intimate with each other over time.

49- West world

The Wild West is being restored using modern technology and displayed at a museum. Until the situation gets out of control .

50- The jinx

The Oscar-nominated documentary “The Life of Robert Dust” shows the main suspect in the disappearance of a person who have not yet been resolved.

51- The muppet show

Jim Hanson’s most popular work is the TV series ,Muppets.

52- Buffy the vampire slayer

Buffy Summers, along with the Vampire Hunting occupation, intends to live a normal high school life

53- 24

Depicts the story of Jack Bauer’s missions as an anti-terrorist agent.

54- Arrested development

A wealthy family goes bankrupt after a scam. A family member tries to manage the situation.

55- How i met your mother

The story of 5 close friends who tell each other the stories of their love stories and daily events in a bar.

56. Big bang theory

A collection of friends who, in addition to geekly desires, try to manage the daily events of their lives on their own.

57- Roots

A traditional African warrior is sold to a tobacco trader by slave traders. Now everything is going to change.

58- Better call saul

A lawyer tries to make himself a hero by managing fake incidents. This bad habit creates a lot of misadventure for him.

59- Wolfhall

A series of conspiracies and power struggles of the English noble families , it is based on the two novels wolf hall and bring up by hilary mantel.

Top 100 Series in the History of tv - Best series tp watch best series in the History of Cinema The most famous series - the most popular series

Top 100 Series in the History of tv – Best series tp watch best series in the History of Cinema The most famous series – the most popular series

60- Adventures of sherlock holmes

In the this place, the best tv series to watch is the adventures of shrlock holmes , depicts the cases of the popular detective Sherlock Holmes.

61- Downton abbey

An English lord with traditional habits intends to keep his beloved mansion well-cared as the world  gets modern day by day . And also he tries to educate her daughter as his heir .

62- The odd couple

After a failed marriage, the two friends decide to live together. But in the meantime, they face problems with each other.

63- The Vikings

The Vikings have now acquired the technology to travel the seas. Now the differences between the cultures and the rise of the tribes during the Viking naval attacks is on display.

64- Roseanne

The story shows the events and fringes of an ordinary family.

65- The honeymooners

Ralph and his friend are trying to have fun and enjoy life. However, their spouses like their family to prosper .

66 – Hercule poirot

the cases of Hercule poirot famous popular belgian detective is shown in this series.

67- House of cards

Frank Underwood is a Democrat appointed as the secretary of state. Along with his wife, he sets out on a quest to seek revenge on the people who betrayed him while successfully rising to supremacy.

68-Dr who

A group of superheroes who want to fight a dangerous race of aliens.

69- Party down

While chasing dreams of stardom, six Hollywood wannabe actors and writers make ends meet by working for a posh Los Angeles catering company, which tackles a different event senior singles mixer after party, a Super Sweet 16 bash  in each episode.

70- The thick of it

An interesting collection of events that happen to a number of British government officials.

71- Battlestar galactica

After the earth is attacked by cylons. A number of humans escape by a spaceship. This series depicts the events after this incident.

72- Fleabag

A dry-witted woman, known only as Fleabag, has no filter as she navigates life and love in London while trying to cope with tragedy.


A series that portrays Atlanta as a good place to thrive in the realm of young rappers.

74- The vietnam war

The series shows the Vietnam War from the different perspectives of the survivors and the memories of the soldiers on both fronts.

75- Black mirror

shows how technology changes the life of different people.

76- The handmids tale

A pregnant woman is hired by an officer and her husband, and she has to give in to their strict and cruel demands.

77- Red riding trilogy

A trilogy depicting the dark and bitter era of Yorkshire in the 70’s and 80’s.

78- Transparent

An old father plans to reveal a secret to his children that is going to change everything.

79- Killing eve

Eve’s life as a spy is not adding up to what she had hoped it would be when she started. She is a bored, very smart, MI5 security officer who is very desk-bound. Villanelle is a very talented killer, mercurial in mood, who clings to the luxuries of her job.


Top 100 Series in the History of tv - Best series tp watch best series in the History of Cinema The most famous series - the most popular series

Top 100 Series in the History of tv – Best series tp watch best series in the History of Cinema The most famous series – the most popular series

80- Big brother

In this place, of the best tv series to watch is big brother, a range of strangers are gather in a small building to spend their lives with the least facilities and have no connection with the outside world for three months.

81- Malcolm in the middle

A beautiful series that depicts four naughty boys with a very capricious mother, each with their own characteristics.


In the future, humans have lost their sight. And they need to communicate with others in new a twins are born with the power of vision ,this can change everything.

83- Fawlty towers

Basil Fawlty, an intolerant and rude manager tries to run the hotel, constantly under verbal attack from his unhelpful wife Sybil and hindered by the incompetent Manuel; their Spanish waiter.

84- Er

A series that depicts the personal and professional lives of Chicago doctors and healthcare.

85- Power of nightmares

Fundamentalist Islam and neo-conservatism seem to be at odds, but filmmaker Adam Curtis asserts that the two have more in common than one might think. In this documentary, Curtis compares the outlooks of American academic Leo Strauss and Egyptian civil servant Sayyid Qutb.

86- family guy

Watch an exotic family of Peter Graffin and his wife and two teenagers and a very evil little boy and a dog that is wiser than all of them as an animation in this series.

87-The wonder years

Kevin, who has just reached adulthood, will tell you about his childhood with an interesting ordeal.

88-Inside no9

Anthology show featuring darkly comic tales, each of which takes place inside a building or apartment marked number nine. Whether in a grand country house where an innocent game leads to chilling revelations.

89-The good fight

In the blink of an eye, Lockheart, a successful lawyer, loses her entire life. Now she has to look for a new job to start over.

90- Parks and recreation

It shows interesting events and happenings for a group of friends who are very different from each other.

91- Monty pythons flying circus

The comedy group Monty Python depicts the peculiarities of British life with observational sketches, sight gags, racy humour and intellectual references to philosophical figures and literary personas.

92- Happy days

A very old comedy that shows the friendly life of some close friends and the interesting events of their lives.

93- I love lucy

Ambitious Lucy is willing to do anything to succeed. And that’s what makes troubles to her and her husband many times.

94- M * A * S * H

An interesting series that uses humor to create a kind of balance between the dark world of war and the bright world of comedy.


A series that tells a mythical story of King Arthur and Marilyn.

96- broadwalk empire

The series shows the big families of famous criminals competing to reach the pinnacle of power.

97- dark

In the search for two children who went missing in a small town in Germany reveals details and secrets of families that are complex and daunting.


as a comedian the bitterness of Louis’s life, has affected his career. Now he has to solve these problems .

99- sesame street

An old puppet series that brings smile to the childrens lips by using humor.

100- veep

Selina Meyer is an American senator who can now become vice president. But there are many problems along the way.


Dis you enjoy this list of 100 best tv series to watch ? Which series should have been on this list?


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